Intelligent Life: Artwork by Julia Sinelnikova
ev-cal 8.03.22 - 11.11.22
ev-cal 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Curated by Common Ground Arts

Julia Sinelnikova’s large-scale reflective sculpture in the lobby of 5 Manhattan West celebrates the mysterious, intelligent life that can be found deep in the ocean and highlights the importance of environmental conservation. Sinelnikova references the iridescence, bioluminescence, and the camouflaging and complex patterns of underwater organisms – characteristics akin to technology that humans have only recently harnessed – by using shimmering materials and a wall of LED lights to create a fantastical, dreamlike visual that brings attention to the magical qualities of the sea.

Created entirely from biodegradable or recycled materials, Intelligent Life illuminates a web of translucent crystalline forms suspended over a giant reflective surface. The lights are programmed with a pattern of motion that dances throughout the structure, inspired by the characteristics of cuttlefish, firefly squid, and various sea life local to the waterways around New York City. Sinelnikova hopes that the work will provide visitors with a reflective, ethereal, and inspiring space in which to dream, think, and heal.

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About Artist
Julia Sinelnikova

Julia Sinelnikova is an interdisciplinary artist who works with holograms, performance, and digital culture. Their light installations have been exhibited internationally, and they have performed widely as The Oracle of Vector Gallery. They have received commissions from NYC Parks Department, NYC Department of Transportation, Pace University, Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Michael Madden (Maroon 5), Barry L. Skolnick (Gilbertsville Expressive Movement), Refinery29, GIPHY, Webster Hall, and Norte Maar. Their NFT animations have been collected by Justin Aversano and @Cryptinish. Heavily inspired by electronic music, Sinelnikova has designed sculptural sets for performers including Lee Burridge, Machinedrum, The GZA (Wu Tang Clan), Peaches, Juliana Huxtable, and Aurora Halal. Selected profiles of their work have appeared in The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, VICE, Artnet, Huffington Post, The Creators Project, PAPER Mag, and The New Criterion. Their work has been presented at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, The Oulu Museum of Art, and Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. Sinelnikova has also exhibited site-specific installations for Miami Art Week / Art Basel annually since 2011. In 2019 The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston (CAMH) commissioned the artist to create a body of sculptures and video artworks for the annual gala, and the artworks were presented for a residency in fall 2021. Sinelnikova is also a singer-songwriter and DJ, and in 2020 they released their debut streaming single under the pseudonym ORACLE666. They were also commissioned by Wynwood Pride festival to do an opening DJ set for pop star Charli XCX. They have directed four music videos for other artists in the industry. They hold an MFA in Sculpture from Queens College (CUNY) and a BFA in Sculpture, minor in Art History from The Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY). They live and work in Brooklyn.

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