Community Music Performance
Gather Round: Celebrating Street Dance and 50 Years of Hip-Hop
Works & Process at Manhattan West
ev-cal 7.05.23 - 7.26.23
ev-cal 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wednesdays, July 5 – 26 | Performance schedule & times below

Arts Brookfield partners with Works & Process for a series of four performances at Manhattan West Plaza in celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Referencing different styles of street dance, the pieces that will be presented were each originally commissioned by Works & Process for the Guggenheim Museum, and marries the institution’s renowned circular rotunda space with the cypher, an open performance circle prevalent in hip-hop. Originally conceptualized in-the-round, this series therefore adapts naturally to Manhattan West Plaza’s performance circle. Each Wednesday night will spotlight a different artistic group and feature beatboxing, breaking, flexn, krumping, live bands, DJ sets, and MCs. On the final night, the performance morphs into a full-blown dance party with fabled DJ Bravo LaFortune and other club legends.


  • July 5, Sets at 6, 7 & 8PM – The Missing Element, featuring The Beatbox House with Openers KR3TS dancer and DJ FrancoTh3Artist
  • July 12, 6PM – LayeRhythm
  • July 19, Sets at 6, 7 & 8PM – Ladies of Hip Hop with Openers KR3TS dancer and DJ Laureano
  • July 26, 6PM – Ephrat Asherie Dance: UNDERSCORED highlights followed by a dance party celebration of NYC’s club culture with DJ Bravo LaFortune.

Register in advance via Eventbrite (link at right) to attend one of the performances and then be one of the first 10 (ten) each night to check-in at the event’s Information Tent.  You’ll receive a fun, free giveaway item, while supplies last. There’s something different each week!



 JULY 5: The Missing Element, featuring The Beatbox House
Sets at 6PM, 7PM, and 8PM
See what happens when traditions that are accustomed to battling each other on the stage, come together and collaborate. A genre-fusing performance of beatbox and street dance, The Missing Element will feature world champion musicians from The Beatbox House in collaboration with dance expert in the styles of break dancing, flexn, krump, and more.


JULY 12: LayeRhythm
Join this game-based performance celebrating the vibrancy of street and club dance culture. A live band takes its cues from freestyling street dancers, while MCs gather inspiration sourced from the audience. (


JULY 19: Ladies of Hip-Hop
Sets at 6PM, 7PM, and 8PM
Celebrate the strength, power, and diversity of women in Hip-Hop with this all-female intergenerational dance collective that centers around feminist narratives examining the intersections of gender, race, and resistance. Observe the origins of street and club dance culture, including freestyle dance, cyphers, and call and response. All woven together with one-of-a-kind choreopoems. (


JULY 26: Ephrat Asherie Dance: UNDERSCORED highlights with NYC club legends and DJ set by Bravo LaFortune on his Birthday
Experience UNDERSCORED, a multi-faceted project rooted in the intergenerational stories and memories of NYC underground club heads. The exhilarating journey will culminate in a dance party with DJ set by Bravo LaFortune on his birthday. ( &

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A performing arts non-profit that champions and supports creative process from studio-to-stage by providing fully-funded creative residencies and commissioning and performing opportunities. Presenting at the Guggenheim Museum; Lincoln Center; The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, with the Jerome Robbins Dance Division; and SummerStage; Works & Process features artists from the world’s largest performing arts organizations as well as underrecognized performing art cultures.
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